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People Need Work

In writing the book, Taking God to Work: The Keys to Ultimate Success, co-author Steve Reynolds and I re-discovered something we already knew, everyone needs work to do. Human beings are not happy being idle.

It doesn't need to be a regular, 9-5 job, but we crave to make a contribution. Ken Matos (above, left) found his career niche in the world of Financial Management. Not only does his profession pay the bills for his family, it gives him an opportunity to take care of others who depend upon the government programs where he provides oversight. One reason we were impressed with Ken, he chooses to make a significant contribution at church as well. He built a large men's ministry and now works with his wife to minister to couples as well.

Cheryl Rogers (above, right), also featured in the book, chose to stay home with her four children when they were young. This work proved rewarding and built a solid foundation for her kids. As they grew and spent more time at school, she felt called to return to a job outside the home. Whether providing support at a medical office or working as a territory manager for an in-home comfort care firm, Cheryl leaned on the Lord for help in her career. Her life life reveals a strong desire to make an impact for Jesus in everything she does.

Two of the major indicators of future success include our motivation and attitude. By realizing that our work is taking care of the world on behalf of God, it can provide a world of meaning and buoy our attitude. When customers are getting you down, take a minute to thank God for providing you meaningful work. Then, picture Jesus ushering your next customer over to you. Wouldn't you want to do your best as a favor for the Lord?

By harnessing our love of the Lord and recognizing all the ways He helps us, we can keep serving even when our earthly, physical motivation is running low. Spiritually-driven motivation gives us the endurance of a marathon runner where our own fleshly emotions have many highs and lows.

Lord, fill us with your compassion and motivate us to love all those we meet. Grant us patience and empathy. Teach us to run our race with endurance and patience. Amen.


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