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Spiritual Warfare

Have you ever sensed something wrong at your job, but couldn't put your finger on the problem? Maybe it amounted to nothing more than an uneasy feeling

In our book Taking God to Work, Steve Reynolds and I explored a few principles for discerning spiritual battles, as opposed to everyday personality conflicts or pop-up annoyances.

Business is all about problem solving. When things go wrong, we get paid to diagnose the root cause and implement one or more solutions that overcome the problem.

By understanding that spiritual forces sometimes lay behind surface problems, Christians add an entire toolbox of solutions.

In each new division I led at Homeland Security, many problems and obstacles appeared. As a believer and leader, I sought and received supernatural help in fixing our troubling situations. God wanted me to succeed because He loves me and all the others who worked with me and those people who use our services.

God created work before the Fall as His way of taking care of the world. His plan is for you and I to work at helping others and meeting their needs. Whether we produce tennis shoes or run the local supermarket, He wants our business to run smoothly and effectively to serve others.

He Wants to Help You

When we encounter problems, our first stop should be prayer. By enlisting God's help, we are partnering with the most powerful leader in the world. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, but also directs unseen legends of angels who work behind the scenes to change hearts and minds.

As I sought His help to diagnose and fix Homeland Security problems, the Holy Spirit showed me specific problems directly attributed to evil. As people yield themselves to their fallen nature, they become a fount of evil thoughts, deeds and problems. Bad attitudes can bring down morale in an entire division. Immoral behavior, such as stealing, often has spiritual roots.

By praying God into these situations, He can reveal attitudes and actions that need correction. God works through supervisors and even the friends of those yielding to dark forces. With God's help and timing, we can correct wrong behavior and put our team on a path to winning. I saw this happen over and over as I learned to pray about the issues facing my group.


The first stop for those in leadership is to follow Solomon's example and pray for wisdom. God can show us how to answer those who come to us for decisions. By listening to God's Spirit, I spoke less and guided my employees more. Asking the right questions allowed them to find the answers to their own problems and grow through the experience.


An old axiom in business is that knowledge is power. Many times, God arranged events, so I had the knowledge I needed to get to the root of problems. When knowing alone proved inadequate, I sometimes asked for God sovereignly to fix the problem. People mysteriously transferred to other jobs. Surly customers learned to like employees with whom they had been at odds. Trouble-makers listened to my advice and cleaned up their bad behavior. I attribute many of my successes solely to God's help.

Imperfect Followers

No matter what God does to help us fight our spiritual battles, we remain imperfect followers of His Word. We mess up. I handled some of my challenges in the wrong way. Resist the urge to get down when you realize sometimes you are the problem. Apologize to God and others when necessary. Forgive yourself. Put on your full armor as described in Ephesians and get back in the battle. God's grace and mercy surround us every day of our work lives.


Taking God to Work Update

Steve Reynolds and I are excited to share news. Taking God to Work is making inroads into Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico. We covet your prayers and help in spreading the important messages in this book. Consider buying a copy for your pastor or Bible study leader. We all work (either outside the home or in the home.) This book can be a great way to bring others into His kingdom at a point of felt need.