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Work and the Single Guy

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and I was young, work felt like the center of my universe. Each emotional up and down period at the office bled over into my non-work hours as well.

Particularly if you relocated to another city, it can be difficult to put work into proper perspective. Perhaps most of your social contact happens at work or with work friends after hours. This can mean disaster when problems at work also affect your limited social contacts in your new town.

What I wish I knew then.

While work is very important, there are more important things in life. Faith in God helps us understand and order our lives with an eternal perspective. Here are five things that you can do to make sure work stays in its proper place.

1. Find a Church Home

Beyond the obvious need of every Christian for fellowship, having a church home will ground you in your faith. The right church for you should offer social opportunities beyond just the church services. A house church, growth group or Bible study will open the doors for social contact outside of the workplace. It gives you a place to serve others and establish roots in the community.

2. Adopt a Cause or a Hobby

If you already enjoy a sport, organized leagues can be a great way to meet new people and establish a life outside of work. For those not athletically minded, perhaps volunteering with a charity or social cause can bring a welcome outlet for skills and abilities that aren't needed or used at work. For example, a junior person at the office may not be asked to lead a project or task, whereas a volunteer at the Heart Association may get the reins of a fundraiser relatively soon after volunteering.

3. Join a Gym

Prayerfully consider joining a gym. If you are the aerobics type or enjoy working out with weights, find a gym that specializes in what you need. Be sure to visit during rush hour or whenever you plan to exercise. If you come on a quiet holiday morning for the first time, you may later learn that all the "good" equipment is in demand during your normal workout time.

4. Be Religious about Quiet Time

Starting a new job may mean major changes to your schedule. Getting up before dark and heading to the commuter train was a shock to my system. There is no way I could have engaged in a substantial quiet time before leaving for work. However, I soon learned that the forty minutes or so on the train became ideal. God will meet you where you are, but make sure to set aside time and materials to further your spiritual life.

5. Build the Life You Want

God cares about you. He wants you to realize many of the dreams in your heart. Chances are He put several of them in there. Be intentional about creating the life you desire. Organize your days around the things that benefit your spirit, mind and body. Invest in your future financially, spiritually and emotionally. Life is seldom boring when you have a plan, talk it over with God and execute well the steps in your plan.


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