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Christians and Company Policy

As Christians, we don't control all policies, rules, and decisions of our superiors. However, as long as we willingly choose to work within the infrastructure of our employer, it is our obligation not to discriminate, ostracize, or otherwise try to harm people whom we feel are not living up to biblical standards.

This doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with or embrace all our employer’s policies or all the behaviors of our co-workers. We can push back when policies are in the developmental stage and tell our colleagues about our moral code, which, in a nutshell, is following the teachings of the Bible as a way to happiness and fulfillment.

We are entitled to opinions, and God may put us in specific places to make a difference at a key moment. For this reason, we must pray, stay humble, and be willing to speak up when the Spirit directs us to do so.

Activities That Conflict with Our Faith

Furthermore, when we are asked to participate in workplace activities that conflict with our faith, we can do the following: • Start with prayer. Talk over the situation with God.

• Study the Bible. We need to make sure we understand why the activity conflicts with God’s Word.

• Consult with other Christians. We can talk the situation over with our pastor or another mature Christian whom we respect.

• Talk with our employer. Depending on the situation, we may be able to ask our employer for a reasonable accommodation related to our beliefs.

There may ultimately come a day when the choice comes down to doing something that goes against our faith or quitting our job. In such situations when an employer’s culture conflicts with our beliefs, God will call us to seek new employment.

When You Just Can't

For example, one Capital Baptist member felt boxed into a corner when his employer required certain New Age training that encouraged occult practices. He eventually quit his job to avoid participating.

Other obvious examples include if our employer asks us to do something illegal or even immoral, such as promoting products or services that prematurely end human life (which would conflict with the biblical commandment not to kill).

Transition Time

In such cases of irreconcilable differences and after praying about the situation, checking with our pastor, and asking for a different assignment, our Holy Spirit-filled consciences may force us to transition to another job. When this occurs, we can be sure the Holy Spirit will be our guide and will work with us in the timing of such a change. Following God’s will is always the right move to make.

(Reprinted from Taking God to Work by Steve Reynolds and David L. Winters. Copyright 2018)