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Taking God to Work: Deby Allen

The book Taking God to Work is all about people like Deby Allen. She makes the most of her life at work and beyond.

Many years ago, an opportunity presented for her to open her own hair care salon. Special Effects serves people in and around New Carlisle, Ohio. Her customers come from her own neighborhood and far beyond, keeping her schedule booked up weeks in advance.

"I'm to the place where I don't have to work a certain number of days or hours, but I enjoy it," Deby said at the Ohio launch of Taking God to Work.

A major change occurred when Deby decided her salon would not reflect some of the common stereotypes of other hair care places. "I want to honor God with my business. We play Christian music. If magazines come in and the cover looks trashy, I just throw it away. God is the center of our place."

By placing God first, Deby has seen God move in the lives of her staff and her customers. She points to one specific conversion to Christianity that blew her away. "I really didn't see it coming at first. I'd prayed for this lady and trusted God, but there was no timetable."

Deby uses her daily routine to bring life and hope to those who need it. In addition to loving on her customers and other stylists, she volunteers for a mobile food pantry in a neighboring community. She sees it an extension of her faith to share with those in need.

Life isn't all work for the devoted salon owner. In the past year, she has attended the KLOVE fan week and a KLOVE cruise. "I love Christian music. Playing it in the shop sets the mood of what I'm hoping to do with my business." Deby also worked as a volunteer for a weekend-long outdoor concert. Her energy for the Lord seems boundless.

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