Take Care of God's World!

Taking God to Work
  • Find a job you can love

  • Unleash your passion

  • Make your work count for God's Kingdom

  • Overcome career-damaging mistakes

  • Transform your workplace with God's Word

  • Use biblical principles for ultimate success

About the Book


Rock solid advice from the heart of a pastor and the wisdom of a long-time manager, Taking God to Work clearly lays out Biblical principles for enduring success. By integrating your faith with your natural drive, you can climb higher and reach more people through your vocation. God wants to help you achieve your maximum potential for taking care of His world. By aligning your beliefs and actions, great accomplishments become, not only possible, but within your grasp. Learn through spotlight features about real Christians who conquered stressful work situations with God’s help. Go deeper with optional study questions at the end of each chapter. 278 Pages.

Table of Contents


Section I: God’s Plan for Your Work Life

   1.    Does God Fit in My Briefcase?

   2.    Beating Temptation at Work

   3.    What God Thinks About You and Your Work

Section II: How to Succeed on the Job

   4.    Finding a Job You Can Love

   5.    How to Advance in Your Career

   6.    Pursuing Excellence in a Mediocre World

   7.    Balancing Life and Work

Section III: Beating Stress and Discovering Joy at Work

   8.    Surviving Incompetent Leaders and Co-worker Bad Behavior

   9.    Living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

 10.    When Your Job Is Driving You Crazy

 11.    How to Recover from a Big Mistake

Section IV: Winning the Spiritual Endgame

 12.    Discerning Spiritual Warfare at Work

 13.    Should Christians Retire?


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